The cover story for this issue is Meher Baba on Prayers. You will read everything He and His Mandali have had to say about praying, how and when to pray, and what to say in your prayers to the Beloved.

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Spring Blessings!

This is one of many beautiful cards, all of which are the creation of Cherie Plumlee, one of the Love Street Breezes team, that you can find on her website, She gives you all loving permission to download & print any of them from her website so you may spread the love & joy of the Avatar to all your Baba loving friends.

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The Love Street Breezes is the same magazine as it was when called the Love Street LampPost, but is now independently published by the Love Street Press. It will, as always, be bringing you Baba news from around the world; messages from the Avatar of the Age; reminiscences of the Mandali; stories written by our readers about their life with the Beloved; Humor for Huma; the Children’s Page; and information on meetings held at Meher Baba centers around the world, along with many photos of Meher Baba that you may not have seen before.

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A Personal Note from the Editor

Many years ago, Mani told me that the work I was doing on the Love Street magazine was very important archivally. I feel the lead story in our premiere issue certainly underscores her words! This article is titled “Meher Baba and the Petroleum Connection.” It is an amazing story and has some surprising facts in it, along with a great collection of photographs: Murshida Ivy O. Duce, her husband Terry Duce, and their daughter Charmian, entertaining King Saud of Saudi Arabia in their home in Washington, DC. Murshida Duce was also friends with the Saudi ambassador Sheik Asad Al-Faqih. Through contact with Murshida Duce, most of the ambassador’s children became Baba lovers. His son Zuheir later portrayed Meher Baba in the musical dramas Sufism Reoriented staged on Baba’s life. In a skit at the 1962 East-West Gathering, his son Khaled portrayed a doctor examining Baba and instructing Him, “Open your mouth and say OM.”

Later in life, Charmian married fellow Sufi Duncan Knowles. Duncan has been incredibly helpful with editing, correcting, and adding to this article, as was Don Stevens, who worked in the petroleum industry until his retirement. I feel it is an article that is going to be quoted for many years to come. It was inspired by the Gulf oil spill last year. Did you know that Chhota Baba (the Prem Ashram boy whom Baba elevated—temporarily—to the 6th plane) ignored Baba’s orders for him to continue his education at a university and instead went to work? Want to guess the company he chose to work with? British Petroleum! The company that caused the Gulf oil spill. Our article contains this and many other fascinating facts.

I’m so looking forward to sharing our magazine with you. Come join us on Love Street, and if you are a Facebook fan you can check us out there for frequent updates:

In His love and service,
— Dina Snow Gibson
Editor and Publisher of the Love Street Breezes

“Real happiness lies in making others happy.” — Avatar Meher Baba

Silent Words

"A loveless life is most unlovely, only a life of love is worth living."

– Avatar Meher Baba

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Apr 11, 2016

by Dina Snow Gibson, Publisher and Editor

Our 8th issue is posted here for your viewing & downloading pleasure.

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Dec 14, 2011

Book review by Kendra Crossen Burroughs

Meditations on the Ancient One: Paintings by Charles Mills. Unpaginated. Hardcover. Full-page, full-color reproductions.

Meditations on the Ancient One is not really a book, although it looks like one. It is a work of art...